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Alsdorf Bangert - Alsdorf AI-NeExPriMo - Negative Externalities Pricing Model Product Material Sensoring Technology - AI-ProMaSenTech - Bangert Alsdorf
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Alsdorf KI basiertes AI-NeExPriMo - Negative Externalities Pricing Model AI Product Material Sensoring Technology - AI-ProMaSenTech - Bangert I-KI-BA Aachen Marktwirtschaft Planwirtschaft Staatskapitalismus Marktwirtschaft-Alsdorf Planwirtschaft-Alsdorf Staatskapitalismus-Alsdorf Sozial-Ökologische-Markt-Planung-Alsdorf I-KI-BA calculates (Algorithmic-Climate-Pigou-Tax-Tariff-Pricing) with the aid of AI the True-Costs (Negative-Externalities-Pricing-Model) in every globally traded product. It calculates an Environmental-Impact-Weight-Index, which is the basis for the fully AI-Automated-International-Pigou-Taxation Tariffs. It is based on a new Economic Model (Environmental-Economics vs. Ecological-Economics), Price-Theory, Market-Theory and Intra- Inter-State-Market-Theory. We deliver an AI-Based-True-Costing-Pricing-Pigou-Taxation-Tariffs-Model for ALL Product-Classes, Product-Types and Product-Groups. It uses AI-Based new Product-Chemical-Detection-Sensoring-Modules (Microphotonic-Spectrometric-Sensor-Chips) as well as new Global-Product-Specification-Detection and at least introduces a draft for a new Internationally-Punishable-Global-Chemical-Products-Ingredients-Specification-Documents-Agreement. Alsdorf Unternehmen Stadt Kommune Land Bund Handwerk Handwerk-Alsdorf Schule-Alsdorf Alsdorf-Gymnasium Gymnasium-Alsdorf Bangert Axel Arnold Gymnasium Rechtsanwalt Schulamt