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International Law - Global Classism and Exploitocide
Conflict, Hunger, Famine and Starvation to Death

What is the definition of Global Exploitocide? This term stands for the industrial, political and upper-thirds-societal anti-ecological exploitation of the global ressources causing massive negative-externality costs and hundreds of millions of starvation-deaths.

This refers to the negative effects on agricultural fauna and flora as well as sea fauna and flora and the heating production of CO2 as well as the indirect production of methane. These effects kill lives because of accelerating famines and starvation to death.

Up to the present state of international criminal law these causes are seen as indirect facts to the death of starving individuals without any direct legal effect. So the definition of exploitocide has to be an operationalization of these effects to precize the criminal criterions for the formulation of corresponding international criminal factual features of the law.

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