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             Machine-Learning, Deep Learning, Deep-Learning, DL, ML, Aachen, Alsdorf, Köln, Herzogenrath, Würselen, Stolberg, Eschweiler, Düsseldorf Axel, Arnold, Bangert, I-KI-BA, Institut, Künstliche-Intelligenz, Künstliche Intelligenz, KI, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial-Intelligence, Machine Learning,
             Machine-Learning, Deep Learning, Deep-Learning, DL, ML, Aachen, Alsdorf, Köln, Herzogenrath, Würselen, Stolberg, Eschweiler, Düsseldorf Axel, Arnold, Bangert, I-KI-BA, Institut, Künstliche-Intelligenz, Künstliche Intelligenz, KI, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial-Intelligence, Machine Learning,
             Machine-Learning, Deep Learning, Deep-Learning, DL, ML, Aachen, Alsdorf, Köln, Herzogenrath, Würselen, Stolberg, Eschweiler, Düsseldorf Axel, Arnold, Bangert, I-KI-BA, Institut, Künstliche-Intelligenz, Künstliche Intelligenz, KI, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial-Intelligence, Machine Learning,
             Machine-Learning, Deep Learning, Deep-Learning, DL, ML, Aachen, Alsdorf, Köln, Herzogenrath, Würselen, Stolberg, Eschweiler, Düsseldorf
Quelle: I-KI-BA Bangert Herzogenrath Aachen 2019

Global freedom, peace, environmental protection, progress and prosperity

We firmly believe that scientific exploration and the complete decoding of human intelligence, of human consciousness in general, and of identity awareness in particular, is the most important and at the same time utmost benefit of humanity.

The objective justification of this priority hypothesis is very complex and also affects many other areas of research - especially neurosciences, economics, ecology, Computer science and the theory of science. You will find the detailed justification in the appendix to download as PDF file.

Just as David Chalmers has put it together with many others, it is about the 'hard problem' of consciousness and a successful modeling of those solutions in the artificial Intelligence and not primarily as a technical application, but rather as proof of the coherence of the solutions of the neurosciences.

Now you will surely wonder what a successful, non-commercial modeling of human, intelligent consciousness is as a purely scientific application of an artificial one Computer Intelligence (AI) has to do with the above-mentioned theme of global freedom, peace, environmental protection, progress and prosperity in direct relation. This connection will be analyzed and presented in detail in the following chapters of this study.

The research of the neurosciences is to be seen as a significant groundbreaking main science and for example the computer science is seen in this context 'only' as Auxiliary science, even though the IT challenges are extremely demanding.

We politely point out that in this study, neurophilosophy is considered and applied as a sub-science of neuroscience.

Axel Arnold Bangert Herzogenrath solves the Hard Problem, the Qualia-Problem of Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) and the Identity Theory Model Problem for Migration Theories - Axel Arnold Bangert Herzogenrath löst das Harte Problem , das Qualia-Problem der Künstlichen Intelligenz ( KI ) und das Identitätstheorie Modell Problem für die Migrationstheorien Auszug: ... eine ausführliche Darstellung der Widerlegung finden Sie auf der Präsenz von I-Ki-BA . Dieses Thema hängt in sofern mit den Migrationstheorien und den diesbezüglichen Identitätstheorien zusammen, als Identität in engestem Bezug zu den Neurowissenschaften hier zum ersten Mal algorithmisch erzeugt werden könnte. Letztlich werden damit dann Integrations- und Inklusionstheorien zum ersten Mal modellgestützt valide überprüfbar ... das Spezialgebiet nennt sich Cultural Neuroscience. Andere Spezialgebiete sind z.B. die Social Neuroscience, Cognitive Neuroscience, Affective Neuroscience, Neuroanthropology etc. Es wird erwartet, dass sich das Arbeitsgebiet und der Forschungsumfang der Cultural Neuroscience exponentiell steigen wird. Dies hängt mit der zu erwartenden exponentiellen Steigerung der Migrationsraten durch Klimamigration zusammen. Zu diesen und anderen Zusammenhängen, finden Sie Kurse in


Aachen Bangert - RWTH Themen - Bangert Aachen, Artificial General Intelligence AGI -- Künstliche Allgemeine Intelligenz KAI > 10 Jahre, Extensions of Moser-Bangert Theory, Bangert Theory, Moser Theory, Locally Minimal Solutions, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Neuromorphic Hardware, Human Augmentation, 5G, Serverless PaaS, Digital Twin, Quantum Computing, Volumetric Displays, Brain-Computer Interface, Conversational User Interfaces, Smart Workspace,, Auf dem Höhepunkt:, Augmented Data Discovery, Edge Computing, Smart Robots, IoT Platform, Virtual Assistants, Connected Home, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Autonomous Vehicles, Nanotube Electronics, Cognitive Computing, Blockchain, Commercial UAVs (Drones),, Im Absteigen:, Cognitive Expert Advisors, Enterprise Taxonomy and Ontology Management, Software-Defined Security, Augmented Reality,, Aufsteigende Desillusionsphase:, Virtual Reality, 1. AIBrain, Based in California AIBrain is an artificial intelligence company that builds AI solutions for smartphones and robotics applications. It three products: AICoRE the AI agent iRSP an intelligent robot software platform and Futurable a future simulation AI game where every character is a fully autonomous AI. The focus of their work is to develop artificial intelligence infused with the human skill set of problem solving learning and memory.,, 2. Amazon, The online retail giant offers both consumer and business-oriented AI products and services. Amazon Echo brings artificial intelligence into the home through the intelligent voice server Alexa. For AWS the company has three primary services: Lex a business version of Alexa Polly which turns text to speech and Rekognition an image recognition service 3. Anki Anki is dedicated to bringing consumer robotics into everyday life through its Cozmo and Anki Overdrive products. Cozmo is Anki’s flagship robot. Cozmo has been described as one of the most sophisticated consumer robots to date due to its emotional responses while Overdrive is a car racing game complete with track.,, 4. Apple, Apple has acquired four artificial intelligence startups within the past two years demonstrating its big step into the artificial intelligence sphere. One of them became the bases for FaceID a facial recognition security system. The bulk of the company’s work is around Siri Apple’s virtual assistant but as usual Apple is tight-lipped about plans. It recently poached Google’s AI chief which will undoubtedly help its efforts and further the acrimony with Google.,, 5. Banjo, Raising over $100 million last year Banjo makes use of artificial intelligence to comb through social media and identify real-time events and situations that are important to its partners. The startup was developed after the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 as a way for companies to analyze social media to make better decisions move faster, and change the way they understand and interact with people all over the world.,, 6. CloudMinds, CloudMinds is developing what it calls an end-to-end cloud intelligence (CI) system called Human Augmented Robotics Intelligence (HARI) platform for robots. CI is different from AI in that it combines machines with humans rather than treating them as separate entities. This allows the robot to be controlled by human beings. It also offers the Mobile Intranet Cloud Services (MCS) provides information security for remote robot control.,, 7. Deepmind, Not a product company Deepmind is nonetheless a major leader because of its role in AI research. Based in London it recruits heavily from Oxford and Cambridge which are leading the way in AI and ML research. Its research papers are widely read as soon as they are published. Google (see below) acquired DeepMind.,, 8. Facebook, Facebook AI Research (FAIR) has four artificial intelligence labs around the world all designed to give better understanding to how people communicate. The company has also made four recent AI-related acquisitions the most recent being Ozlo to help Messenger build out a more elaborate virtual assistant for users.,, 9. Google, Google clearly a leader in AI is on a massive AI acquisition binge having acquired 12 AI startups in four years. Google is deeply invested in furthering artificial intelligence capabilities. Rather than selling a product to the market Google’s AI efforts are all oriented toward improving its services. It has a major software project in TensorFlow as well as its own Tensor AI chip project.,, 10. H2O, Used by more than 100000 data scientists at more than 12600 organizations worldwide H2O claims to be "the world's leading open source deep learning platform." The company's products include its H2O platform the Deep Water interface that unites leading open source deep learning tools with H2O the Sparkling Water framework that combines H2O and Spark the Steam AI Engine for developers and Driverless AI which promises "AI to do AI." Its customer list includes large enterprises like Capital One Progressive Insurance Transamerica Comcast Macy's and Walgreens.,, 11. IBM, IBM has been a leader in the field of artificial intelligence since the 1950s. Its efforts these days are around IBM Watson such as a AI-based cognitive service AI software as a service and scale-out systems designed for delivering cloud-based analytics and AI services. It too has been acquisitive purchasing three AI startups in recent years.,, 12. iCarbonX, iCarbonX is a Chinese biotech startup which uses artificial intelligence to provide personalized health analyses and health index predictions. It has formed an alliance with seven technology companies from around the world that specialize in gathering different types of health-care data and will use algorithms to analyze genomic physiological and behavioral data and provide customized health and medical advice.,, 13. Intel, Intel has conducted two major AI acquisitions Nervana and Movidius. Nervana is a deep learning processor while Movidius is geared toward neural networks on Windows systems. In addition to numerous acquisitions Intel has also invested in several AI startups along with Microsoft. Intel is also providing AI acceleration for Microsoft’s Bing search engine via its Arria FPGA processors.,, 14. Iris AI, Iris AI helps researchers sort through scientific work and research to find the relevant information and as it is used it learns how to make better searchers. Since its launch 120 000 people have tried the service some becoming regular users. It recently released 4.0 which adds the Focus tool an intelligent mechanism to refine and collate a reading list of research literature cutting out a huge amount of manual effort.,, 15. Microsoft, Microsoft has a mix of consumer-facing and business/IT AI projects. On the consumer side it has Cortana the digital assistant that comes with Windows and now is available for smartphones other than Windows Phone and the chatbot Zo that talks like a teenager. On its Azure cloud service Microsoft has AI services such as bot services machine learning and cognitive services.,, 16. Next IT, Next IT is one of the original companies that pioneered chatbots and has helped companies such as Alaska Airlines and Amtrak to easily interact with customers to answer and solve their problems. Their artificial intelligence capabilities allow them to help organizations in a variety of industries including healthcare and insurance.,, 17. Nvidia, Nvidia’s emergence as an AI leader was hardly overnight. It has been promoting its CUDA GPU programming language for nearly two decades. AI developers have come to see the value in the GPU’s massively parallel processing design and embraced Nvidia GPUs for machine learning and artificial intelligence. One area Nvidia is making a big push is in self-driving cars but it is one of many efforts.,, 18. OpenAI, OpenAI has something of an open source spirit. It’s a research firm that aims to promote and develop AI so as to benefit humanity as a whole. The organization aims to "freely collaborate" with other institutions and researchers by making its patents and research open to the public. It has an all-star staff of employees who publish widely-read research papers and offer open source tools.,, 19. Salesforce, Over the past two years Salesforce has acquired three AI companies and recently announced Salesforce Einstein their artificial intelligence service. Their latest initiative which includes a team of 175 data scientists uses machine learning to help employees more efficiently perform tasks by simplifying and speeding them up. In addition to Salesforce’s own employees Einstein will be available for customers who can build their own applications.,, 20. SoundHound, SoundHound is known for its music-identification app Hound but it also has one of the most advanced and accurate platforms for natural language processing for doing all kinds of voice-to-text queries. Among those enterprises who have implemented it are Samsung Nvidia Sony’s Xperia Yelp and Uber.,, 21. Twilio, Twilio is a cloud communications platform as a service (PaaS) company that allows software developers to integrate text messages phone calls and video calls into applications through the use of various APIs. Twilio's services are accessed over HTTP and are billed based on usage.,, 22. Twitter, Twitter has invested significant funds into artificial intelligence. They have acquired 4 AI companies to date. Their latest acquisition of the AI tech startup Magic Pony cost them a cool $150 million. A while back Twitter introduced a so-called algorithmic timeline that ranked tweets based on relevance instead of the usual reverse chronological order. The company has also added AI to recommend certain tweets in users' timelines.,, 23. ViSenze, ViSenze’s artificial intelligence technology works by recommending visually similar items to users when shopping online. ViSenze utilizes machine learning and computer vision algorithms which process and analyze millions of visual content. It uses visual sensing to find a match for an item online then offers filters for pricing similarity and availability.,, 24., Geared for busy users’s intelligence virtual assistant Amy helps users schedule meetings. The concept is simple — if you receive a meeting request but don’t have time to work out logistics you copy Amy onto the email and she handles it. Through machine learning and natural language processing Amy schedules the best time and location for your meeting based on your preferences and schedule.,, 25. Zebra Medical Vision, Zebra Medical Systems is an Israeli company that applies deep learning techniques to the field of radiology. It claims it can predict multiple diseases with better-than-human accuracy by examining a huge library of medical images and a specialized examination technology. It recently moved its algorithms to Google’s cloud to help it scale and offers $1 medical scans. Alan Macintosh Alan Turing Alexander Rausch Alexandra Ruez Alexandre Cadain Alexandre Lebrun Alexandre Sapet Alexandre Valette Alexia Audevart Alfred North Whitehead Alice Coucke Alix de Sagazan Allen Newell Alonzo Church Amyne Berrada André Pietri Andrej Karpathy Andrew Ng Anis Sahbani Anish Athalye Anna Patterson Anthony Aguirre Antoine Bordes Antoine Jeanjean Aristote Arnaud Le Roux Arthur Sadoun Arthur Samuel Assia Soukane Aurélie Jean Aurélien Garivier Avrim Blum Axelle Tessandier Barbara Belvisi Bénédicte de Raphélis Soissan Benoît Gourdon Benoit Heitz Bernard Ourghanlian Bertrand Braunschweig Bertrand Russell Bill Gates Brent Hoberman Brian Krzanich Camille Pène Carlo Ratti Caroline Chavier? Catherine Bracy Catherine Delaunay Cécile Maisonneuve Cédric Archambeau Cédric Vasseur Cédric Villani Charles Ollion Chiara Biscaro Chloé-Agathe Azencott Chris Lattner Christian Plagemann Christine Balagué Christine Kerdellant Christophe Bourguignat Christophe Dany Christophe Tricot Christopher Ré Claude Shannon Cliff Shaw Cordelia Schmid Csaba Szepesvari Cynthia Breazeal Damien Ernst Dan Klein Daniel Zhang Daphne Koller David Gouveia David Menga David Ofer David Sadek Dean Pomerleau Demis Hassabis Descartes Dileep George Doina Precup Dominique Cardon Dominique Roux Donald Michie Edward Fredkin Elad Benjamin Elon Musk Emmanuel Mogenet Emmanuel Vignon Eneko Agirre Éric Horvitz Eric Schmidt Ernst Dickmanns Ethan Jackson Fabrice Hadjadj Fanny Riols Feng Niu Florence Puybareau Francis Bach Francis Jutand Franck Bardol Franck Goron François Chollet François Clautiaux François Moreuil Francois Sillion Françoise Soulié-Fogelman Gary Marcus Geoffrey Hinton George Church Ghislain de Pierrefeu Gilles Dowek Gilles Grangé Ginni Rometty Glen Berseth Gottfried Leibniz Grant Van Horn Greg Estes Guillaume Champeau Guillaume Lample Guillaume Michiels Guillermo Webster Hadelin de Ponteves Haiyan Zhang Harold Cohen Harry Shum Henri Prade Henri Sanson Herbert Simon Héron d'Alexandrie Homer Dudley Hubert Wassner Hugo Larochelle Ian Horswill Igor Carron Irénée Régnauld Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin Isabelle Galy Isabelle Ryl Jaan Tallinn Jack Ma Jacob Colker Jacques Pitrat James F. Allen Jan Pfeifes Javier de la Torre Jean Audouze Jean Ponce Jean Senellart Jean-Baptiste Lefèvre Jean-Claude HEUDIN Jean-David Chamboredon Jean-Gabriel Ganascia Jean-Hervé Lorenzi Jean-Michel Cambot Jean-Paul Delahaye Jean-Paul Haton Jean-Philippe Desbiolles Jean-Régis de Vauplane Jeff Bezos Jeff Dean Jeffrey Dean Jen-Hsun Huang Jeremy Harroch Jérôme Lang Jérôme Monceaux Jérôme Pesenti Jim Keller Jodie Wallis Joëlle Pineau John Giannandrea John Laird John McCarthy John Somorjai Joseph Weizanbaum Julien Hobeika Julien Simon Julien-Henri Maurice KangKang Yin Kenza Ibnattya Kevin Kwok Kirill Eremenko Laura Grigori Laurence Cornez Laurence Devillers Laurent Alexandre Laurent Fourchard Lee Man-Seob Leonore Blum Lionel Janin Logan Engstrom Lotfi Zadeh Luca Comparini Ludovic Denoyer Ludovic Ulrich Ludwig Wittgenstein Lukas Erlebach Lynn Andrea Stein Maël Primet Malte Widenka Manu Gulati Manuel Blum Manuel Davy Manuel Mirabel Marc Duranton Marc Schoenauer Margaret Masterman Maria-Irina Nicolae Mark Zuckerberg Marvin Minsky Maryne Cotty-Eslous Mathieu Sinn Max Tegmark Maya Gupta Meia Chita-Tegmark Mélanie Ducoffe Merouane Debbah Michael Cafarella Michael Fester Michel Béra Michel Lutz Michel Melkanoff Michèle Sebag Michiel van de Panne Mickael Guerin Mikel Artetxe Milie Taing Monique Baron Monique Dagnaud Mounir Mahjoubi Mustafa Suleyman Myriam Ferran Nathan Rochester Nathanaël Ackerman Newton Howard Nicolas Bouzou Nicolas Marlier Nicolas Meric Nicolas Miailhe Nicolas Negroponte Nicolas Nova Nicolas Sadirac Nicolas Sekkaki Niklas Zennström Nikos Paragios Nikunj Oza Nils Schaetti Noam Brown Nozha Boujemaa Olivier Bousquet Olivier Mégean Orit Shifman Pascal Pascal Bezuel Pascal Cochelin Pascal Vincent Patrick Johnson Patrick Séguéla Paul Allen Paul Duan Paul Rosenbloom Percy Liang Peter Diamandis Peter Richtarik Phil Libin Philippe Cassoulat Philippe Thomas Pierre Aigrin Pierre Schnaeffer Pierre-Antoine Rizk Pooja Rao Pradeep Ravikumar Rachel Delacour Ramesh Caussy Ramon Lulle Rand Hindi Raphaël Cherrier Raphael Hoffmann Raquel Urtasun Raul Bravo Ray Kurweil Rémi Aubert Rémi Munos Rick Levin Robin Li Yanhong Rodney Brooks Rodolphe Gelin Romain Passilly Romain Sambarino Rowan Trollope Rudolf Carnap Ryan Scout Saad Zniber Salvador Luria Sandrine Macé Satya Nadella Saul Perlmutter Scott Huffman Sean Meyn Seann Gardiner Sebastian Nowozin Sebastian Thrun Serge Tisseron Seungil You Sheena Urwin Spencer Crawley Stefan Behrens Stéphane Mallard Stéphane Mallat Stephen Hawkins Steve Wozniak Stuart Russell Sundar Pichai Susan Wojcicki Swami Sivasubramanian Sylvain Theveniaud Terry Winograd Thibault Neveu Thierry Breton Thierry Nicol Thomas Hobbes Thomas Kerjean Thomas Solignac Thomas Tributsch Tim Cook Tim Tuttle Tom Gruber Tuomas Sandholm Valérie Peugeot Viktoriya Krakovna von Neumann Walter Rosenblith Wolfgang von Kempelen Xavier Dalloz Xavier Niel Xue Bin Peng Yaacob Ibrahim Yann Fleureau Yann Gouedo Yann LeCun Yoshihisa Yamamoto Yoshua Bengio Yu Dong Zhang Tong Startups:, Aivo DeepVision VU Security Black AI BRiN Fillr Filtered Fincast Heliex HIVERY Hummingbird AI PTY Ltd. Hyper Anna iCetana Jemsoft Longtail UX Pty Ltd Maxwell MRI Medius Health Muru Music Nimis Cybersecurity Ovass PETRA Data Science Popgun PredictiveHire Presagen Red Marker retroanalytics Semantic Software Sofihub thingc TrademarkVision Commendo Research & Consulting WNNA SIGMIND Tiger Digital AIMatter Exponenta Gini Machine Masquerade Technologies codata ScriptBook Sensifai Tangent Works TrendMiner YAZZOOM AIMIRIM Allgoo bkper Hekima Hi Platform InfoPrice Intexfy J!Quant Kunumi Lagiar Ledface Legal Insights Legal Insights nama software NeoAssist newatt Plape SciCrop Semantix Sii Technology smarters SystLets Take TIKAL TECH Tobyto UpPoints 360pi Corp. 42 Technologies Account HQ AcuityAds Adeptmind Advocate Cognitive Technologies Affinio Afinin Labs Aimetis Alitheia Technologies Inc. Analytics 4 Life Angoss Software Applied Brain Research Apprento Arcbees Ark Paradigm Automat AVA Technologies Inc Avidbots Beagle Blanc Labs Blue J Legal Broadside Media Broid BubbleGlass Real Estate Market Forecasting - A Worthwhile PLC Company C2RO Robotics Caspy CityZeen Inc Clearpath Cluep Contextere Corporate IQ Solutions Inc. Cyclica D-Wave Systems Daisy Intelligence Corporation Damon X Labs Datacratic Dataperformers Deep Diagnostics Deep Genomics Delve Labs Disrupted Logic DNNresearch Eigen Innovations Element AI EMAGIN Clean Technologies EZ-Robot Inc. EZ-Robot Inc. Fire Out Flybits FoodBots FTSY Granata Decision Systems Granify Ideal Imagia InnerSpace Technology Intellogo Inc. Internuncio Technologies Inc. Interset Invenia Iota Security Janis Jibestream Keatex Knockri Knote Knowillage Ladon Labs Logojoy Maluuba Mindbridge Ai mnubo motorleaf Naborly Navi nGUVU OutsideIQ Paphus Solutions Patterns Pitstop Plasmatic Technologies Inc. Primal Promethean Labs Propulse Analytics RAANGE Inc. reDock Responsive.AI Roof Ai Rubikloud Safe Lagoon SalesChoice ScopeMedia Scribble Technologies Shoelace Sidekick Professional Services Sightline Innovation Inc. Slyce Sportlogiq StackAdapt Syngli tealbook Tenstorrent Terrene ThinkCX Thirdshelf TritonWear Tylio UCW Labs Ltd. Unata UrbanLogiq Usful Weather Telematics Worthwhile Industries PLC Wriber wrnch Wysdom Xtract AI Arara NotCo 12SIGMA 21vianet 3Glasses A-Eye Abbott Technology Abitai AI-Robotics Ai.Frame AiDriving AIHelp AISpeech Ald.SoftbankRobotics Alon USA Energy Alpha-Bric ALSrobot Amyrobotics Anzhi-auto ARM ArtRobot Autoio Axmtec Babel Technology Bangsun Technology Beijing Intelligent Starshine BGI BigQuant BIT All Technology Bongostech Botbrain.AI BoyunVision Breakingpoint BUNCH Ceewa Cfuas Chaosuan Chatboy Chehejia China Rapid Finance Chinac Chingmu Chipintelli Chivox CJDZ Clare.AI Clobotics Cloud-frame CloudIn Technology CloudWalk Coalitionsun Copera Crwnt D-Ear Dataful DataMargin DdhlChina Deep Glint DeepBrain DeepCare Deepdraw DeepGlint Deephi Deepinfar Deepoon Deepviewtech DESMS DianneiDNA Dingfudata DJI DNSii Dobot Dolphin.AI Dong.Me Doonesoft Dorabot DoReSo Driva - AI Dash Cam Driving Assistant Duyan Dzrplus Eacheart ECOVACS Eddatech Editorai EEGSmart EFFORT Efy-tech Ehang Einplus Eking-tech EmoKit Tech Emotibot Enjoyor Etuav Eutroeye Evomotion Ewatt Exocr ExtremeVision Face++ Faceall FaceThink Falcon Fanoi Fantreal FEC fftai FireData FitME Fitme.AI Flame Technology Flypro Fosafer FreeSense Future Wise Geek+ Geetest GeneLife GeneralRobots Genius Pros Genowis Ggyun Giaitech GJS GM-Robot Gowild GQRobot GS-ROBOT Gtcom HaiVision Hanvon Henghaodata Hengtbj Hesaitech Heyha HiScene Hisign Hizkon Honganrobots Hongshi-tech Hopperclouds Horizon Robotics Hotdoor HuaAT Hualaikeji Huaraytech Huawei Hubcloud Huitingtech Huiyi Hui Ying Humanplus Hzstyl iCarbonX Iclassedu ICloudWave Ideahos ideepmind Idemac Iding Idiway idriveplus iFLYTEK ImageQ IMG IMIO IMPOWER Imsight Medical Technology Inbs Infervision InnoTree Insentek Insightinc Inspur Intellif Interjoy Intsig Invo iPinYou Ipselex Irayrobot iStaging Istarshine Isurestar Jansport.Tmall JHfuture JHI Jhrobot Jiankangliao Jidouauto JintongSoft JTrobots KeeKo Kiktech Kuaile Zhihui Kuang-Chi Science Laiye Landingbj Latticespace Leishen-Lidar Lemoncome Ling Lingjuai Linkernetworks Linkool Labs Liulishuo Lohas-tech LUXSENS Malong Technologies Malongtech Marcpoint Maxieye Mech-Mind Megvii MINIEYE Mininglamp Mlkey Mobvoi Momenta Moorebot Moran Cognitive Technology Musk Nanjiang Robotics NationalChip Netposa Neuaction Neusoft Newtranx NIO OA165 OI-Smart OlaVoice Onagofly Onegohome Opzoon Orbbec Otureo Oubaituo Pachira Parle Partnerx Perceptin Perfant Technology Prafly Prodrone-tech Pulse iD Pushget Qdreamer QED Technique Qfeeltech Qing-so Qiniu QKMtech QUALAB quiXmart R2TECH Raven Tech Read Wheat ReadSense Reeman Renguang Rikai Labs Robosense Robotant Rokid Roobo Rsvptech Samanta SecID Seemmo Seetatech Sensenets SenseTime Sensingtech Shangque Shuangjisha Siasun Sileadinc Simtoo Sineva Sinoits Sinovoice Sinsunvoice Sitrigroup Skye-Intelligence Slamtec SmarRobot Smart Drone SmarterEye Smartnlp Soaringnova Social Credits SOKBUY Soundai South IT College Ston Robot Summba SuperCloud Synced Synyi TaoDataRobot Tcxy Techpami Techvalley ThinkingGame Tinavi Tmirob Toaero TOMY Topplus TopPlusVision Toutiao Trio.AI Trustdata Tslsmart Tsta Tuoming Tuputech Turing OS Turing Robot Tusimple UBTECH Ufactory Uisee Unisound Uurobot Versa Video Connect Anything VideoPlusPlus Vinci Vincross Vionvison VLink VRview Wangsu Watrix We Cast Media WeCash Weishikj Wellgaga Westwell Lab WideWorld Wingspan WiseWeb Witspring Wo Ai Chuxing WowWee wxjuyun WYSEngine Xiaoduotech xiaoi Xinhebot Yanzhuanji Yhgenomics Yi+ Yi+(dress-plus) Yimian Yitu Technology Yitutech YOGO Yongqianbao Yosemei YoungTone Yunji Yunwen Yunzhou YuyiCloud Yuyinsuji ZERO TECH Zero Zero Robotics ZeroZero Zgreat ZhenRobot Zhicheauto Zhimabot ZhishanRobot ZhiyiAI Zhuican ZongMu Technology Zongmutech Zpudata DILE Name Decisso GoodAI Incomaker TrustPort Blackwood Seven Conyak Corti Dezide Dixa Forecast Praice Relinklabs Simplyture Spektral UIzard Unsilo WideBot AlphaBlues Skuuper Starship Technologies Teamscope Aigiant Aikumo Aivan Innovations City AlvinOne Bilot Oy Bizmind BrandBastion Chaos Architects Claned CLANED Codator Oy Collective Crunch DAIN Studios Oy Digital Workforce Fibo Fimmic Oy Oy Get Jenny GIM-Generic Intelligent Machines Ltd. Headai Herman IT Kievu / Klevu? Kirontech Kontoor Kwork Lumoa MOPRIM Pikku Robotti Reaktor SC5 (part of Nordcloud Group) Shoulders of Giants Smartifik Speechgrinder TalentAdore Teqmine Analytics The Curious AI Company Top Data Science TrademarkNow Ultimate AI Utopia Analytics Valossa WordDive ZenRobotics Adomik  Aiva Technologies Aldebaran Allo-Media Antidot  Ava  Axyn Balyo  Beyable Bioserenity  Botfuel Calldesk Cardiologs  CARMAT Clustaar Craft AI Criteo Cutii (Yumii) Cypheme Datapred  Davi DC Brain Deepomatic Destygo Dexstr  Dictanova  Do You Dream Up  Doctrine DreamQuark DreamUp Vision EasyMile Elum eXenSa  Fortia Financial Solutions Gwapit Heek Heuritech Hoomano Hubdata Hyphen IDMOG  IKO System Immersive Robotics  Inato Influans Intuitive Robots Invenis  JAM Jenji Julie Desk Karos Kayrros Keen Eye Technologies Khresterion  LabSense LightOn Lingua Custodia LiveMon  MailClark Milanamos Millesime.AI MindLytiX Moodstocks NAVER LABS Europe NAVYA Octopus Robots  Opla Owi Technologies Pixyl Medical  Planorama  PredicSis Proxem  Qopius Qucit Qynapse  Recast.AI Riminder Saagie Scibids Technology SegmentAction Selectionnist Sensewaves SESAMm Shift Technology Sinequa Smart Me Up Snips Solutions for Mobile Sparklane Spikenet Technology Stanley Robotics Storyzy Tale of Data TasteHit Tellmeplus The Chatbot Factory Tinyclues Ubiant Vekia Verteego  Viavoo VitaDX International Walnut Algorithms Wiidii XBrain Zelros 12k Research 149 Technologies 5Analytics Aaron Acellere Acrolinx Ada Aivy Ambiverse arago ArtiMinds Robotics Autumn AI AVA Blue Yonder BuddyGuard Bunch Cargonexx Caspar Health Caspian Robotics Caspian Robotics Chatshopper CloudMade Cobrainer Codetrails Cognigy collectAI Contiamo Deckard A.I. Digital Car Institute Dojo Madness e-bot7 ENWAY Evertracker ExB Explosion AI EyeEm EyeQuant Fedger? Fleetboard Innovation Hub Fraugster fredknows.IT German Autolabs German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence Gigaaa Gini Healthcare X.0 Heili Heuro Labs Heurolabs i2x Inbot Inspirient ITYX Solutions Job Pal kaia health Kewazo Kiana Systems KONUX Language Tools Lateral Leverton Mapegy Merantix micropsi industries Micropsi Industries MoBerries MotionsCloud Pannous parlamind PEAT Picalike picsure Picsure Planet Qymatix Solutions? Rasa Retresco Rhebo Risk Ident Saffe Payments SearchInk Sematell SensoMotoric Instruments Sentifi So1 Sota Solutions Spacy TechMass TeleRetail TerraLoupe The SaaS Co. Twenty Billion Neurons TwentyBN Twyla Versus Voya Travel WearHealth Weps WunderAI Xamla Xbird Aidyia

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